BBQ in Paris thanks to Blues Bar-B-Q

Another post about an American restaurant in Paris! I promise we really do eat loads of French food, but it seems like we’ve been on an American food kick lately…I blame football season and fall weather!

I had been wanting to try Blues Bar B Q for months, ever since I stumbled across it on Facebook one day. I can more or less recreate most of the American recipes that I miss from home with the help of American grocery stores and certain substitutions, but (real) barbecue isn’t feasible in our little apartment. When I read that Blues was the real deal, smoker and all, I couldn’t wait to see if it lived up to its promise.

We went on a Friday night with a group of 6 friends. We made a reservation, but I don’t think that reserving would be necessary for a smaller group (though the restaurant is tiny).

We started off with mint juleps while waiting for everyone to arrive. So far, so good! They’re only 6 euros as well, super reasonable for a cocktail in Paris.

barbecue restaurant paris

There was a promotion on when we went offering a free basket of chili cheese fries to groups of four or more. I stayed away from this craziness, but the boys gobbled them up. Not bad, apparently!

blues bbq bastille

As an Alabama native, in my world barbecue = pulled pork. For some reason, Blues doesn’t offer a pulled pork plate, so I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with no bread. This seemed to blow the waitress’s mind, but I got my sandwich in the end. Between the group we had some beef brisket and ribs as well, but the general consensus seemed to be that the pulled pork was the best meat by far.

blues BBQ paris

The meat definitely had that authentic smoky flavor that I had been looking for–it was perfect! The sauce was a bit sweet for my personal taste, but that’s just because of my Alabama expectations that barbecue sauce should be thin and spicy instead of thick and sweet. Great cole slaw too! I traded my fries for Alex’s jalapeno cornbread, though the cornbread was a bit dry and didn’t have as much spicy flavor as I’d hoped.

blues bar b q paris

Blues has several other traditional southern sides on its menu, including macaroni and cheese and gumbo. The macaroni and cheese was pretty good, though VERY rich and creamy. I’m glad I only had one bite! The gumbo was really disappointing for me, it just tasted like French ratatouille and wasn’t spicy enough for my taste. No meat flavor as well made it pretty far from true Louisiana flavor.

We wanted to try a slice of pecan pie, but they were all out so we didn’t have dessert in the end. They also have cheesecake, brownie, and peach cobbler on the menu, but you can get the first two nearly anywhere in Paris these days and there was only one slice of peach cobbler left too apparently.

So, was Blues authentic? I’ll say yes, but make sure to order well! My suggestion: pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw instead of fries. It’s a bit expensive, so be prepared–14 euros for a sandwich and fries, and 17.90 for a plate (sides not included, only cornbread).

I had read on TripAdvisor that the service at Blues was pretty bad, and I have to admit that it was quite slow at times. Also, no one got their food at the same time, which was kind of a bummer. My friend Jean had already finished is mac and cheese by the time his meat arrived. I’d still go back, though, and I’m glad to know that there’s a place I can go when I need a barbecue fix.

blues bar b q

2 thoughts on “BBQ in Paris thanks to Blues Bar-B-Q

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  2. You just can’t survive fall and football season without BBQ. I’m surprised you found a restaurant like this in Paris. It definitely sounds like it’s worth trying!

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