Katakolon beach

There seem to be two different schools among my friends about what type of vacation is the best. Some see vacation as a chance to relax, rest, and regroup before the “rentrée” in September. Others prefer adventurous vacations, using the time off to  do and see as much as possible. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle…I love active trips, but I also hate that feeling of needing a vacation right after a vacation, if you catch my drift.

That’s why our cruise was perfect–we had plenty of opportunities to explore, including walking Dubrovnik’s ancient walls, visiting the acropolis in Athens, and climbing through the twisted streets of Santorini. When our cruise ship stopped in Katakolon, though, we were ready to chill.

Katakolon isn’t far from Olympia, the site of the first Olympic games. Many of our fellow cruise goers made the trip to see the ancient ruins, which I’m sure was fascinating. However, after looking at plenty of ruins in Athens the day before (under the 90 degree heat), we wanted a change of pace. We took Royal Caribbean’s shore excursion for $25 that dropped us directly at Kouroutas beach for the afternoon.

After growing up not far from the Gulf of Mexico, I have pretty high standards when it comes to beaches. Kouroutas didn’t disappoint! Except for the obnoxious sunglass sellers, the Katakolon beach was exactly what I’d hoped for.

beach in katakolon

We normally don’t like being “sheep” and doing the organized activities, but I have to admit that it was nice not to have to worry about how to get there or struggle to figure out the Greek bus system. After a few hours of sunshine, we went back to the small village for one last Greek treat before getting back on the ship to return to Venice.

katakolon cruise


kouroutas katakolon

Greek yogurt and honey

Luckily we were only in Katakolon for a few hours…otherwise I’m sure I could have eaten about 3 more of these! The baklava was deliciously sticky, and the yogurt was refreshing and satisfying. The perfect way to say goodbye to Greece after an incredible week!

cruise to katakolon

Do you prefer “adventure” vacations or more relaxing trips?

2 thoughts on “Katakolon beach

  1. Like you, I fall in the middle. I try to make the most of wherever I am. I equally enjoy combing through ancient ruins or snorkeling off an uninhabited island in the Carribean.

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