American junk food

After a fun but exhausting weekend in the French countryside for a wedding, this week hasn’t been off to the best start…
I’ve been filling in for the customer service department at work, which means getting shouted at by angry Brits the whole day for being a “cheater,” a “liar,” and intentionally, single-handedly ruining their wedding because their £40 shoes didn’t arrive early enough. Obviously. One even said that he had “lost the will to live” because his package was delayed. Whew! After that, I had some issues with my bank who blocked my account as they still can’t seem to figure out that my address changed over six months ago. I was feeling just a little frustrated when the receptionist called me with an amazing surprise!


A care package from the United States packed with my American guilty pleasures…among which were:

– Whole wheat macaroni and cheese (my Italian coworkers were scandalized by the concept of pasta in a box)
– Strawberry Pop Tarts
– Blueberry muffin mix
– Brownie mix
– Peanut butter Cheerios
– Cappuccino drink mix
– Cheez Its
– Protein bars
– Mini Moon Pies

and tons more…thanks, Mom! Yes, all of that was in one box, and getting it home on the metro was a struggle. All worth it, though!

It’s funny when I think about the foods I miss the most about the United States. Mostly, it’s the option for low-fat/low-cal desserts and just the sheer variety of SNACKS! I know that processed foods are a no-no in the health food blogger world, but sometimes a little childhood comfort is the only solution.

It’s also funny when I think about the foods I DON’T miss. When I first moved, I used to crave American candy all the time. Specifically, Reese’s cups and York patties. A lot. Now, though, when I do have those sweets I find that they don’t taste quite as good as I remember…I think I’ve been spoiled by European chocolate!

There are a few places where I can find American groceries in Paris. Only dry goods, though, and for 10 euros ($13.50) a box, I’ll go without my Pop Tarts, thanks. All the same, it’s amazing how excited I can get now about things like dill pickles and canned pumpkin.

Now, if only it were possible to ship cheddar cheese and ice cream sandwiches!!

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