Cupcakes in Paris: Sugar Daze Bakery

Sugar Daze cupcakes


Americans don’t have the best reputation in Paris. We’re loud, opinionated, too outgoing, too enthusiastic…or at least that’s what I’m told. However, American food is without a doubt the biggest food trend sweeping the capital at the moment.

It seems like every day I read about a new burger restaurant in Paris, a new food truck operation, a bagel shop opening…all we need now is a blue plate café and an all-you-can-eat rib shack to complete the picture. I’ve tested a few of the more popular American restaurants in Paris, and while the taste may not be quite the same as back home, it definitely satisfies my occasional need for an American fix.

One of the mini trends among this general wave of American food appreciation is cupcakes, naturally.  French desserts are, in my opinion, the best in the world. BUT….cupcakes are easier to buy, store, and eat, plus they’re adorable, which is why I think they’ve had so much love from young Parisians.

When I wanted a small surprise for my boyfriend (cheesy, I know), I originally contacted Lola’s Cookies, an American bakery specializing in brownies and, you guessed it, cookies. They were completely booked, though, and the super sweet co-founder Lindsey suggested I check out Sugar Daze instead.

Cat, the Sugar Daze owner, could not have been more helpful. She replied quickly to my e-mails and showed a genuine interest in making my order special, even though I only ordered four cupcakes. They even delivered the cupcakes to my boyfriend’s office.

The best thing about Sugar Daze is that they’re willing to personalize every order. I asked Cat to decorate the cupcakes as “manly” as possible and to avoid excessively cute/cheesy toppings, which she understood and honored. I ordered two Crimson and Clover cupcakes (chocolate with strawberry buttercream icing, pictured above) and two B-A-N-A-N-A-S cupcakes (banana spice cake with salted caramel icing). My boyfriend, being French, is still a bit of a cupcake newbie so I didn’t order any of the more creative flavors, though I would love to try La Vie en Rose (pistachio cake with rose buttercream) or Some Like it Hot (chocolate cake with spicy chocolate buttercream).

My boyfriend said that both cupcakes were delicious, but he preferred the chocolate ones. They were gone in two days, which says a lot considering that he’s not normally a big dessert eater!

The cupcakes are 3.65 a piece for the chocolate and vanilla varieties, and 3.80 for all other flavors. Not bad at all, especially considering that in some Parisian cafés a scoop of vanilla ice cream can cost 7 euros! I paid an additional 14 euros for delivery, but they have a bake shop as well if you prefer to pick up the cupcakes in person.

So, thanks to Cat and Sugar Daze for making my surprise a success, and for being there whenever homesickness strikes!

Sugar Daze Cupcakes
20 rue Henry Monnier, 75009 Paris
Metros: St-Georges (12 line) or Pigalle (2 line)
09 83 04 41 77

Wednesday 12PM – 7:30PM
Thursday 12PM – 6:30 PM
Friday 12PM – 7:30PM
Saturday 12PM – 7:30 PM
Sunday 12PM – 6PM
Monday & Tuesday – Closed

2 thoughts on “Cupcakes in Paris: Sugar Daze Bakery

  1. Thank so much Jessica for sharing your experience with Sugar Daze in this lovely post! We were delighted to help you make your boyfriend’s birthday a little more special. Hope to see you at the Bake Shop soon for a cupcake!!

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