Best crêpes in Montmartre?

crepes in montmartre

Any time I have visitors in Paris, I want to make sure their experience is as authentic as possible.  Seeing American tourists at Hard Rock Café on rue Montmartre makes me cringe…why travel at all, if not to experience the new and unexpected?

When Taylor and Bianca, two of my good friends from college, came to visit for a spontaneous Parisian vacation, I was thrilled to be with them as they discovered the city of lights. Of course, one of my top priorities was to share my love of French food and the French dining culture.

Of course, no French culinary experience would be complete without a few crêpes…so on Wednesday we headed to Crêperie Broceliande in Montmartre for a casual Breton dinner.

creperie broceliande

We had made a reservation (the crêperie was packed, even on a Wednesday) and were immediately welcomed by a friendly, smiling staff…a rare treat in Paris! Our server was happy to speak English, but she was also patient when my friends wanted to practice their French.

Crêperie Broceliande is a small and cozy Parisian restaurant with typical Breton decor–red checkered tablecloths, wooden chairs, and tables so close together that you’re basically forced to interact with your table mates.

We took our time browsing the extensive galette menu…there were so many options! Galettes are essentially savory crêpes. They’re made from a different batter but have the same thin, pancake-like consistency. The traditional “galette complete” comes with ham, egg, and cheese inside, but of course there are countless variations…galettes with salmon, goat cheese, sausage, chicken…any combination possible!

creperie broceliande menu

Crêperies are usually great options for French dining on a budget, and Crêperie Broceliande is no exception. The galettes range from 6-12 euros, and they’re very filling!  Crêperies are also a sneaky way for those of us who are calorie-conscious to enjoy French food. Since typical French food is loaded with butter, cream, and the fattiest meats, it can be a challenge to find an authentic French recipe that’s also relatively healthy.

The galette itself isn’t that “bad,” and when you choose the filling wisely, it’s possible to have a meal that’s not terribly “gras.”  I went for a simple 2-ingredient galette with egg and ham and a small salad on the side.

creperie broceliande paris

I did my best to avoid the butter…but of course it made the galette even more delicious. Galettes are so simple to prepare, even at home, since in France you can buy the actual galette pre-prepared in the grocery store. Despite their simplicity, though, they’ve still become one of my favorite French foods.

Bianca had a galette with goat cheese, honey, and nuts (first photo), while Taylor let his German side out with a sausage-based galette.

creperie broceliande montmartre

We were all very satisfied after our galettes and cider, the traditional Breton drink to accompany a galette meal. Naturally, though, we couldn’t resist the dessert crêpes! I tried to minimize the damage with a simple lemon and sugar filling, while Taylor and Bianca shared a DELICIOUS crêpe flambéed with rum and banana. We were too busy stuffing ourselves and forgot to take pictures…oops!

creperie broceliande montmartre

Even with the desserts and cider, the entire meal was under 15 euro per person which, for Paris, is beyond reasonable.  Despite the busy atmosphere, we never felt pressured to hurry through our meal and were able to take our time and savor the last rays of sunshine billowing in through the open courtyard window.

We were stuffed by the time we left, but luckily an evening walk through hilly Montmartre helped with the digestion process!

Crêperie Broceliande may be in a tourist neighborhood, but it isn’t a tourist trap. It absolutely deserves the rave reviews it’s received on Trip Advisor!

Now I just need a few more visitors to justify another Parisian night out…

Crêperie Broceliande
15 rue des Trois Frères
76018 Paris

Métro Abbesses or Anvers

Tuesday 19:00 – 22:30, Wednesday through Friday 12:00 -15:00 and 19:00 – 22:30.
Saturday and Sunday 12:00 – 23:00

One thought on “Best crêpes in Montmartre?

  1. You’re so right. Indulging in local French cuisine during a visit is so important and enhances the overall experience. You can’t go wrong with crepes both savory and sweet. I’ll definitely check out this creperie on my next trip to Paris. Thanks for the recommendation.

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